Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Week 21

Diary of Baby Boy Turner (Week 21):

That's right, as you all now know, I'm a BOY! 100% B-O-Y...I can't wait for eating bugs, playing in the dirt with my tractors, building the tallest buildings in the world with my legos, racing my cousin Reece on our tricycles, learning how to play basketball, football, soccer and baseball and most of all, hangin' out with my super cool dad, just trying to be as much like him as I can! Being a boy is going to be really awesome when I get out in that big world of yours.

I had such a fun time at my party on Saturday! Getting to hear the voices of some of my great-grandparents, my grandparents and of course mom and dad, that made it a blast. My mama will post some pictures soon so that those of you who weren't there can see my party!

Well these days I'm working hard at practicing my swallowing and digesting, and my taste buds are really working, would someone tell my mama, that I like the desserts the best, so that's all she needs to eat! :)

It's just now beginning to get awfully tight in here. My mama keeps saying that she feels me kicking and punching more all the time. Infact, just this week here's the way a text message exchange between my mama and daddy went, at around 11:00am one morning:

Mama: "Our little man is moving all over the place right now! :) "
Daddy: "Sounds like he is gonna be energetic like his mama!
Mama: "Ha ha...or maybe he just woke up...which means he's like his daddy! :)"

So they still haven't figured out my personality, but they can feel me moving all over the place. I'll have to start kicking harder now!

Love you, you're little man!

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