Friday, April 9, 2010

Week 22

Diary of Baby Turner (week 22):

A whole pound! That's how much I weigh now! And watch out, cause it's all muscle! Uncle Blake, you're gonna want tickets to this gun show!

This week I developed my sense of touch, so I'm gripping onto everything I can find, it's sure fun. And while my eyelids are still shut, I'm starting to see light and dark way more than before. My least favorite time is at night when my mama gets up to go to the bathroom and turns that really bright light on! WOW! I sure wish daddy would buy her a nightlight for the bathroom, that's brutal!

Speaking of my eyes, my eyelashes and eyebrows are very formed and I'm getting lots of hair on my head. Although for those of you who haven't filled out your baby pool's a bright white color right now if that helps! :)

Speaking of my baby pool, if anyone wants to delete their guess about me being a girl, I'll let them and they can start over (just tell mama and she'll delete it for you), I know, I'm so nice! For those of you who still need the address it's....

and for my cousin in Thailand...

Go in and fill out your guesses about me and my cousin! In the mean time, I'll keep kickin' it here in my mama! Love you all!

Baby Boy Turner

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