Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Week 23

Diary from Baby Turner (week 23):

I'm really making some progress now! I'm starting to grow so big that now even my daddy can feel me kicking and punching through mama's tummy! They tell me I'm going to gain some serious weight over the next four weeks, maybe even double in size...I can't wait to be a big strong healthy boy, so I'm excited. Mama and I are going to the doctor on Thursday so I'll get to show off my heartbeat again and they might even be able to hear it through a regular stethoscope, yup, that's how big I'm getting!

My skin is pretty saggy and thin still, but it's turning more reddish color because of all these blood vessels developing and pretty soon I'll fill out my saggy skin with some cute baby fat!

Mom and dad started registering at a couple stores for me this weekend, trying to find the right stroller, pacifier, diaper rash cream, bedding, etc. for me to have once I come into the big world! They were a bit overwhelmed at all the choices, but had fun. Also, this weekend, my 2 grandmas and my mama started scrapbooking for me! The 3 of them had a blast friday and saturday just eating, scrapbooking, shopping and registering and of course I had fun, cause I was the topic of conversation, and I could hear them talk about all the fun things they were registering for me! My mama bought me the coolest swim trunks at Target, I can't wait to try them out in the pool!

Oh and on a side note....mama was tired and craving Pepsi today, so I got my first taste of caffeinated Pepsi, and let me tell you what, me and Grandpa Ron are gonna be buddies! I'm already dreaming of nights eating popcorn, drinking pepsi and playing cards!

Your little man (who's getting bigger!)

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