Friday, July 2, 2010

Week 34

Diary of Baby Turner (week 34):

I can't wait to hear the new cousin Micaela is going to be born sometime this week!

In the mean time, I'm working hard in here at getting VERY big! I might be around 20 inches tall by now and about 5 lbs. Mama keeps telling daddy about how big I'm getting, so it must be true. It's definitely getting tighter in here. I go to see the doctor this Friday and after that, they told me I get to start going every week, that must mean that it's getting very close to the time for me to come into the world!

For a while I was beginning to question if I was really a boy because my fingernails are getting so long. But I heard that they will cut them as soon as I'm born, and I know I'm definitely a boy because my boy parts are descending this week. So that's right, I'm all boy now!

Mom and dad put more of my nursery together this week. It's looking really good now, my bedding is a safari theme and it's really cool. They said they aren't done quite yet, but they are sure getting close.

Mom and I went to a Michael Buble concert and had a great time! It was much louder than I'm used to though. Her friends even surprised her with gifts before the concert!! Pictures are below.

Can't wait to meet you all in 6 short weeks!

love, your big sack of flour :)

I was surprised at Old Chicago with my friends from Hutton!

They even brought presents!

A cute outfit, diaper genie and crib sheets!

Sheila & Vicki with us at the Michael Buble concert!

Naturally 7...they opened for Michael and they were amazing!!

There's Michael!

Week 32 & 33

Diary of Baby Turner (weeks 32 & 33):

I just had the best couple of weeks! I got to see so many family members that I hardly ever get to see. First I got to see Aunt Carlin and Uncle Blake and Cousin Reece in Colorado and hang out with them for a few days. Reece kept saying my daddy's name over and over, my dad must be a pretty cool dude if Reece talks about him all the time! And on the car ride to and from Colorado I heard mom and dad talking about names again. They are down to 2 first names and 2 middle names....I think I know what they are leaning towards though. And it's pretty awesome, just wait Reece, you'll be saying my name over and over in about 7 more weeks!

Then I was surprised with Aunt Lauren and Great Grandma and Grandpa Turner just this last weekend! Uncle David couldn't come but he sent some awesome presents from Guatemala! We had a lot of Turner family fun, with another baby shower for me, Father's Day celebrations and my daddy's birthday!

You should see my nursery, it's really filling up fast, I can't wait to use all my new things! Oh and my mama just told me that some of my safari bedding just came in's gonna be awesome! I wonder which safari animal will be my favorite.

And I can't wait for Cousin Micaela to get here! Less than 2 weeks away!

Mama keeps telling daddy how heavy I'm I guess I'm growing quite a bit! There's not as much water to swim in as there used to me, so I'm running out of room fast. I'm about 4 1/2 pounds and somewhere from 17-19 inches long! I'm getting more and more baby fat all the time and last week at the doctor, they said I wasn't head down yet, they keep telling me I need to turn head down, I don't know what the big deal is, I'm comfy, isn't that all that matters? We'll see. :) And this week I've been working on my immune system so that I don't get sick after I come out! Oh and last night all the muscles around me got really tight for a while, mama said not to worry, that she thought it was just braxton hicks contractions, but she wasn't sure. She said it was practice for what's going to happen when I come into the world. I don't know if I'm going to like that very much.

Well, only 7 weeks left! See you all soon.

Big Baby Turner

The beautiful cake that Heather made for me and Baby Turner! She got her inspiration from our baby's perfect, and tasted delicious!! Thanks Heather!

The adorable onesies that everyone made for Baby Turner. (2nd from the left is a KSU powercat, but the sticker hadn't been taken's not just a purple blob.:) )

I love giraffes and the Schrock's got us this one, it's so so cute, and even plays music! Again, perfect with our safari bedding!

A coat from Uncle David, brought directly from Guatemala! Isn't it adorable?

Some of the sweet guests who came to help celebrate Baby Turner! Even Aunt Lauren made it from Honduras!

More guests, I was so thankful to have the baby's Great-Grandma Turner there!

Another giraffe!!! I couldn't be happier, hope this little guy is as excited as I am. Grandma Deb got him this!

And a cute tractor sweater vest from Grandma Cathy!

The sweet hostesses, Linda and Heather. Thanks for making this time so special for me!