Friday, July 2, 2010

Week 34

Diary of Baby Turner (week 34):

I can't wait to hear the new cousin Micaela is going to be born sometime this week!

In the mean time, I'm working hard in here at getting VERY big! I might be around 20 inches tall by now and about 5 lbs. Mama keeps telling daddy about how big I'm getting, so it must be true. It's definitely getting tighter in here. I go to see the doctor this Friday and after that, they told me I get to start going every week, that must mean that it's getting very close to the time for me to come into the world!

For a while I was beginning to question if I was really a boy because my fingernails are getting so long. But I heard that they will cut them as soon as I'm born, and I know I'm definitely a boy because my boy parts are descending this week. So that's right, I'm all boy now!

Mom and dad put more of my nursery together this week. It's looking really good now, my bedding is a safari theme and it's really cool. They said they aren't done quite yet, but they are sure getting close.

Mom and I went to a Michael Buble concert and had a great time! It was much louder than I'm used to though. Her friends even surprised her with gifts before the concert!! Pictures are below.

Can't wait to meet you all in 6 short weeks!

love, your big sack of flour :)

I was surprised at Old Chicago with my friends from Hutton!

They even brought presents!

A cute outfit, diaper genie and crib sheets!

Sheila & Vicki with us at the Michael Buble concert!

Naturally 7...they opened for Michael and they were amazing!!

There's Michael!

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