Thursday, April 29, 2010

Week 25

Diary of Baby Turner (week 25):

My lungs and nostrils are really developing this week! It's so exciting! My nostrils have been plugged up until now, so this is great. All my blood vessels are developing more and more and bringing my lungs one step closer to being ready to take that first breath of air! I still have a ways to go though. I still have 15 more weeks to "cook" until I'm done, so I'm not worried. My skin is starting to turn more and more pink all the time, I'm sure getting cute!

Last night was exciting, I'm getting very strong like my daddy and when mama and daddy went to bed I showed off all my muscles! I kicked and rolled and punched more than I ever have, I think they were pretty impressed :)

They tell me that I'm really getting big, and they tried to take a picture of me this morning to send to you all, but their camera was out of batteries. Guess you'll have to wait till next week!

I'm so excited for cousin Reece's 1st birthday! It's coming up in only 2 short weeks! Don't worry buddy Reece, my mom and dad are getting you some pretty awesome gifts, I'm looking out for you! Can't wait to come visit and celebrate your birthday soon!!

Love, Your strong little man!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Week 24

Diary of Baby Turner (week 24):
Somebody needs to take a picture! This face of mine is just so cute! It's almost fully formed now at 24 weeks. I bet you are all wondering if I have mom's or dad's ears, nose, eyes, chin and forehead! Guess you'll have to wait 16 more weeks to find out. :) I weigh more than a pound and a half! Each week I'm gaining about 6 oz - of fat, organs, bones and muscle. I'm hearing all sorts of noises now, even more than before!
This week was a fun one. I've really gotten to show off my kicking and punching skills. One day while mom and I were at work, I really got her... I kicked her so hard that she jumped! Reece, I'm already working on ways that we can be ornery together...scaring our mamas sounds like a good place to start! :) And then while mom, dad and I were sitting in church, I thought I'd show off and kick over and over so that her belly would start bouncing, daddy was so proud! My doctor appointment last week went great, my heartrate was beating at 150 beat/min.!
I attached a picture of me and mom...enjoy!
Love the little Turner man.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

What is it about Spring?

There's something magical about Spring.

I know that for me, this year, there's much anticipation for Summer--knowing a baby will be coming. So maybe it's realization that summer is getting very close, that the leaves coming on the trees will be the same leaves blowing in the wind this August when we bring our baby boy home.

Maybe it's the long walks I have taken, just enjoying the beautiful temperatures and sun melting into my skin. I love running into many others in the community who are out for a bike ride or walk or jog enjoying the spring air as well.

Maybe it's the daylight savings time change...leaving us with more sun later in the day!

Maybe it's the spiritual comparison that I see when I experience Spring...the dark, cold, bitter cold days of winter, which brought death to the plants and life on the ground, are now behind us. The old, dead life is gone and the new life has come!

Maybe it's the beautiful tulips and trees all around town blooming and bringing color to the world again!

Maybe it's watching grass turn green once again, nothing says "summers coming" like the smell of freshly cut grass as lawns are mowed everywhere around you.

Maybe it's the anticipation of school ending and the fun days of summer approaching!

Maybe it's watching the kids ride their bikes to school in the mornings because it's finally warm.

Maybe it's smelling the aroma BBQ grills, as it fills the air of a spring evening.

Maybe it's getting out the tank tops, flips flops and shorts again!

Maybe it's eating more and more fruit because it's deliciously in season.

What is magical about spring to you?

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Week 23

Diary from Baby Turner (week 23):

I'm really making some progress now! I'm starting to grow so big that now even my daddy can feel me kicking and punching through mama's tummy! They tell me I'm going to gain some serious weight over the next four weeks, maybe even double in size...I can't wait to be a big strong healthy boy, so I'm excited. Mama and I are going to the doctor on Thursday so I'll get to show off my heartbeat again and they might even be able to hear it through a regular stethoscope, yup, that's how big I'm getting!

My skin is pretty saggy and thin still, but it's turning more reddish color because of all these blood vessels developing and pretty soon I'll fill out my saggy skin with some cute baby fat!

Mom and dad started registering at a couple stores for me this weekend, trying to find the right stroller, pacifier, diaper rash cream, bedding, etc. for me to have once I come into the big world! They were a bit overwhelmed at all the choices, but had fun. Also, this weekend, my 2 grandmas and my mama started scrapbooking for me! The 3 of them had a blast friday and saturday just eating, scrapbooking, shopping and registering and of course I had fun, cause I was the topic of conversation, and I could hear them talk about all the fun things they were registering for me! My mama bought me the coolest swim trunks at Target, I can't wait to try them out in the pool!

Oh and on a side note....mama was tired and craving Pepsi today, so I got my first taste of caffeinated Pepsi, and let me tell you what, me and Grandpa Ron are gonna be buddies! I'm already dreaming of nights eating popcorn, drinking pepsi and playing cards!

Your little man (who's getting bigger!)

Friday, April 9, 2010

Gender Revealing Party!

The Baby Gender Revealing Party was a success! I had so much fun decorating, planning and preparing for it too!

My color theme (because I can't throw a party without a color theme!) was Green, Yellow and Orange. Keeping everything neutral, so that no one would be able to guess BOY or GIRL when they walked in the door. I found these tissue paper POMS online, and they are so awesome! I think they might even be pretty easy to make too if you tried. I found yellow and orange tulips at Walmart, and yellow and white checkered napkins from my mom to decorate the island where the food was going to be. I frame a face picture of the sonogram we got from the doctor and used the little kids alphabet blocks to spell out BOY and GIRL for decoration.

I made the important cupcakes with yellow cake mix, orange frosting and then I made the yellow, orange and green pinwheels for the top. Oh and the most important part, I filled them with a filling, the color, either BOY or PINK!

Next I decorated the table for dinner. Using the orange Crush pop bottles as decoration, and then also offering "Yellow" lemonade (and water and tea of course, those just didn't stick with the theme!). The only thing I would have done different with the table decorations, is I would have put their names on the pinwheels, to assign their seats at the table.

Overall, I was very pleased with the decor! I thought the yellow, orange and green colors really made it fun and left a lot of suspense for the cupcake....dessert!

The family arrived and "Team Boy" and "Team Girl" were both represented. As you can see, Team Boy was definitely favored to win!

"Team Boy"

"Team Girl"

Dinner was finally over....and now on to DESSERT!!!






IT'S A BOY!!!!

The proud parents

We are SOOOO excited about our little man!

Week 22

Diary of Baby Turner (week 22):

A whole pound! That's how much I weigh now! And watch out, cause it's all muscle! Uncle Blake, you're gonna want tickets to this gun show!

This week I developed my sense of touch, so I'm gripping onto everything I can find, it's sure fun. And while my eyelids are still shut, I'm starting to see light and dark way more than before. My least favorite time is at night when my mama gets up to go to the bathroom and turns that really bright light on! WOW! I sure wish daddy would buy her a nightlight for the bathroom, that's brutal!

Speaking of my eyes, my eyelashes and eyebrows are very formed and I'm getting lots of hair on my head. Although for those of you who haven't filled out your baby pool's a bright white color right now if that helps! :)

Speaking of my baby pool, if anyone wants to delete their guess about me being a girl, I'll let them and they can start over (just tell mama and she'll delete it for you), I know, I'm so nice! For those of you who still need the address it's....

and for my cousin in Thailand...

Go in and fill out your guesses about me and my cousin! In the mean time, I'll keep kickin' it here in my mama! Love you all!

Baby Boy Turner