Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Week 24

Diary of Baby Turner (week 24):
Somebody needs to take a picture! This face of mine is just so cute! It's almost fully formed now at 24 weeks. I bet you are all wondering if I have mom's or dad's ears, nose, eyes, chin and forehead! Guess you'll have to wait 16 more weeks to find out. :) I weigh more than a pound and a half! Each week I'm gaining about 6 oz - of fat, organs, bones and muscle. I'm hearing all sorts of noises now, even more than before!
This week was a fun one. I've really gotten to show off my kicking and punching skills. One day while mom and I were at work, I really got her... I kicked her so hard that she jumped! Reece, I'm already working on ways that we can be ornery together...scaring our mamas sounds like a good place to start! :) And then while mom, dad and I were sitting in church, I thought I'd show off and kick over and over so that her belly would start bouncing, daddy was so proud! My doctor appointment last week went great, my heartrate was beating at 150 beat/min.!
I attached a picture of me and mom...enjoy!
Love the little Turner man.

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