Wednesday, April 14, 2010

What is it about Spring?

There's something magical about Spring.

I know that for me, this year, there's much anticipation for Summer--knowing a baby will be coming. So maybe it's realization that summer is getting very close, that the leaves coming on the trees will be the same leaves blowing in the wind this August when we bring our baby boy home.

Maybe it's the long walks I have taken, just enjoying the beautiful temperatures and sun melting into my skin. I love running into many others in the community who are out for a bike ride or walk or jog enjoying the spring air as well.

Maybe it's the daylight savings time change...leaving us with more sun later in the day!

Maybe it's the spiritual comparison that I see when I experience Spring...the dark, cold, bitter cold days of winter, which brought death to the plants and life on the ground, are now behind us. The old, dead life is gone and the new life has come!

Maybe it's the beautiful tulips and trees all around town blooming and bringing color to the world again!

Maybe it's watching grass turn green once again, nothing says "summers coming" like the smell of freshly cut grass as lawns are mowed everywhere around you.

Maybe it's the anticipation of school ending and the fun days of summer approaching!

Maybe it's watching the kids ride their bikes to school in the mornings because it's finally warm.

Maybe it's smelling the aroma BBQ grills, as it fills the air of a spring evening.

Maybe it's getting out the tank tops, flips flops and shorts again!

Maybe it's eating more and more fruit because it's deliciously in season.

What is magical about spring to you?


  1. lilacs, hyacinths, daffodils, easter, life, end of cabin feaver, anticipating garden produce, front porch time...awe the list is long.

    thanks for all the great reminders.

  2. All the things you shared made me smile. :) Spring makes me happy. My favorite thing is all the colors of beautiful flowers and blooming trees. Spring energizes me.