Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Week 17

Diary of Baby Turner (week 17):

Life is so good! I'm seeing light, hearing noises, moving my eyes from side-to-side, getting better and better every day at my sucking and swallowing! This week my mama says that I've really grown! She said that she can really tell by her tummy that I'm getting to be a big boy/girl!

My bones are getting harder and my umbilical cord is really getting strong. And I'm not so skinny anymore, there's getting to be more and more fat on me that will be great for lots of kisses from my family!

Only 2 more weeks and the doctor will take a sonogram picture of me to show all of you! If you all are really nice and love on me tons, maybe I'll let them be able to tell if I'm a boy or a girl. :) In the meantime, mommy seems to think that I will and it would be fun to have a "baby gender revealing party" to tell you all if I'm a boy or a girl....so keep the weekend of March 26-28th free and mommy and daddy will be sending you an invitation to my party sometime that weekend!

I attached a picture of mommy and me at 17 weeks!

Love, your open hand! :)

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