Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Week 9

Week 9: Diary of Baby Turner,

Well it's been quite a week family. First of all, I am growing so much that I have officially become a "fetus" and am no longer just an "embryo"! Yippee!!! It's been a big week, not only have I been growing like crazy this week, my mama has been fighting a yucky sickness for the past 5 days, it was like a sauna in here, she said she had a fever, and I don't like fevers I decided. I've gotta be honest, I'm sick of crackers, toast, chicken noodle soup, hot tea and 7up! But last night I finally got some real food so she must be feeling much better, which is great because tomorrow morning bright and early we leave for Cancun for Uncle David and Aunt Lauren's wedding...I'm very excited for warmer weather and a fun party!

I'm beating my heart louder everyday, so hopefully in a couple weeks my mommy and daddy will be able to hear me! And I'm not telling you for several more weeks if I'm a boy or girl (it's my secret :) ) but either way I'm growing very strong muscles this week, so that I can start punching and kicking my mama soon!

It's been quite a week, and I've got a fun week ahead as I move into week 10 of existence in Mexico!! Hope mama feels good so she can fill me up with chips and salsa!!

Love you all!

-You're little Olive

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