Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Week 10

Week 10: Diary from Baby Turner,

Hello family! Can you believe it? I'm a whole 1 1/2 inches long already! This week in Cancun I've been working hard on my teeth, forming them under my gums, I wonder if I will get teeth as early as my cousin Reece did. I remember when he was here for Christmas everyone couldn't believe he already had 4 teeth! I wondered why everyone was so surprised that my own cousin is so advanced, if you ask me, it's just good genes. I think about my other cousin growing in Thailand as we speak, he/she is working on growing lots of hair this week, can't wait to see how dark or light it is and if it's head will be covered or bald like it's daddy's!

Back here in Kansas, I'm working hard on my bones, and am forming my knees and ankles and elbows maybe to be an amazing athlete or maybe to wave my arm just right for the perfect beauty pageant queen wave. It is just THIS PAST WEEK that I started developing my hormones to show if I'm a boy or girl! And again....it's my secret for several more weeks, so ahead, keep guessing! Mommy and daddy keep saying they think I'm a girl, boy will I surprise them! :)

Well, my mama has begged me to help her feel better today since it's her 25th birthday, so I will try, but I can't stop growing, she'll just have to deal with it. :) We'll have a fun day, I know it. Can't wait for Olive Garden tonight!

Your little prune!

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