Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Week 14

Diary of Baby Turner (Week 14!):

Well these weeks are just moving right along! Can you all believe that I'm a 1/3rd of the way done growing and ready to come out and meet you all?!?! The next 6 months are going to fly by! While I wait here, I'm going to keep working on my swimming strokes, maybe I'll be the next Michael Phelps. My mama's thinking about starting to swim more for exercise, maybe she can teach me some strokes. I've also been working on my posture, maybe to get ready for my ballerina classes, with all those cute little tutus and leotards!

I think I have my daddy to thank for this, but you wouldn't believe all this hair all over my body! As my daddy so affectionately has called me, I'm one cute hairy little monkey!

I wish you guys could check this out, I can wiggle my fingers and toes, clench my fist and suck my thumb! These hands will come in great for all that basketball playing & tractor driving, or maybe for all the nail painting I'm going to do with my mama!!

Talk to you next week!! Oh and mommy attached a picture that daddy took of me and her this last weekend...you can start to see me, so exciting!!

Love, your little fist :)

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