Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Week 11

Diary from Baby Turner (Week 11):

This head of mine just keeps growing and growing! Which sure makes all the somersaults and rolls that I'm doing in here easy and fun -- when you are top-heavy! This stretching feels great and my mama's been feeling well enough this week to start exercising again (when she's not too tired!), it sure makes my fast-beating heart beat even faster!

There's this thing that's been growing all around me that they are calling a placenta, and this week it's really taken off... it is amazing all the things it's doing for me. I bet that's why my mama is so so so tired this week. I am almost completely formed now too, hurray! I still have a long way to go, but everything has started to form and now I just need to develop.

And oh, my hair is in the beginning stages of forming and I can't wait to see if it will be thick and dark like my daddy's, Grandma Buhrman's and Grandpa Turner's, or if it will be thin and lighter like mommy's, Grandpa Buhrman's and Grandma Turner's!

I can't wait to see my mommy and daddy again tomorrow and show them all the growing I've been doing! I'm sure they will send you all a picture to show you too. This weekend will be so much fun telling my great-grandparents that I'm on the way!

Baby Turner

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