Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Week 15

Diary of Baby Turner (week 15!),

Family! I'm getting SO BIG! I'm the size of a large orange already! My ears are moving to the side of my head and eyes to the front of my face, I've got to be honest, I'm getting to be one really good looking kid! I bet you all are so curious if I'll have the notch in my ears like the Turner boys or if I'll inherit my Uncle Blake's cool ears that stick out! Guess you'll have to wait 6 months to find out! I've been practicing up on all my breathing, sucking and swallowing and I think I'm really getting the hang of it. I've been doing all sorts of moving around, with all this space I've got in here. I'm trying to get my mama's attention, but I don't think she has any idea that I'm even moving at all in here. Maybe I'll try to kick harder, that way I can practice and maybe someday be able to kick the soccer ball even farther than my daddy ever did! :)

With all this work I've been doing in here this week, my mama has sure made it hard! She just keeps getting sick! I'm beginning to think she's always sick! She got the flu really bad this weekend and I hardly got any food for about 3 days straight! Thankfully Grandma B is looking out for me and made her some stew that thankfully tasted good to her and so I got some yummy food last night. Hopefully she'll start feeling better, it's been a rough few days for the two of us.

I sure am excited for Friday! I get to show off my strong beating heart to my mama at the doctor's office!

Does anyone have any guesses if I'm a girl or a boy? I'll have mommy and daddy do some of the old wives tales tricks predicting the gender and let you know what they come up with. See if that helps anyone's predictions!! We'll find out at the doctor on Friday for sure, but I think in just 4 short weeks from now, the doctor might be able to tell mommy and daddy if I'm a girl or a boy! It's coming soon!

Love, your big orange!

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