Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Week 8

Baby Turner has been sending out these emails to his/her family over the last 10 weeks and I thought maybe others would enjoy hearing all about the progress Baby Turner is making!

Week 8: Diary from Baby Turner,

Hello family! I'm SO glad that my parents have finally let you all (my grandparents, Aunts, Uncles and cousins) know of my existence. I had such fun Christmas' with you all! Getting to start off at the Turner Grandparents to talk all about Lauren's exciting wedding coming up in a couple weeks...oh how happy I am for a little warmer weather and a chance to meet Uncle David! Then at the Buhrman's Christmas, I got to meet my cousin Reece, oh man, we are gonna have a BLAST next Christmas, he got the most amazing presents...how fun it will be to open them together! And mom and dad even told me about another cousin on the way, he/she will have to wait about one month to see me, mama says I won't be "done" until August 12th.

My daddy and mama keep calling me their little jelly bean, but I think they should start calling me their little raspberry...cause I'm growing more and more every week! Not only are they calling me their bean, but they keep practicing on some different names...some of them are not so good! So please, help them!!! This has been a big week for me, mama knows cause she's been really tired because of all my growing. My cute little nose is showing and you should see these toes and fingers! I can't tell yet if I've got the recessive gene of my mama's crooked pinkies, but I should be able to tell soon! This heart of mine is beating so fast, and I got to show it off to mommy and daddy in the ultra sound last week, it was so good to see them, I'm glad I got to show them my heart, it really put them at ease and they got really excited! I attached my first picture that doctor Bradley took of me at 7 weeks. I get another picture taken when I'm 11 weeks, and mama and daddy think that it might be a good idea to tell other people about me after that.

Well, better go, my back and eyelids are needing to get growing, I've got a lot of work ahead of me tonight!

Love you all!!!

Baby Turner

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