Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Week 12

Diary of Baby Turner (or otherwise affectionately know as "Herman Turner" from Great Grandpa Turner),

Well hello family! This week has been filled with so much excitement! My mama and daddy are telling EVERYONE about me now, and it's so much fun! This past weekend I got to meet all of my great-grandparents and they got to meet me, they are great, I can't wait to come out and play with them.

I went to the doctor last week too, and I was hoping that they would take a picture of me so I could see my mommy and daddy again, but they didn't, but they did listen to my fast beating heart! I think they were all very excited and impressed with how good it sounded. It was beating at 165 bpm the doctor said. Mama and daddy are trying to guess if I'm a boy or girl and they heard somewhere that girls have faster heartbeats than boys, and 165 bpm is pretty fast I guess, so they think I might be a girl....hmmmm.

One thing is for sure, I can't WAIT for this Saturday when I found out if my cousin is going to be a girl or boy. Aunt Kavia and Funcle Brett get to find out at their doctor appointment this Saturday and I can't wait to see if their baby is a girl like me.....or maybe I'm a boy......hmmmm....maybe all 3 of us 1st born cousins are boys...... Guess you'll have to keep waiting a couple more months! :) My mommy told me that Aunt Kavia's belly is growing and my cousins eyes are moving side to side and can start to see light even though his/her eyelids are still closed. I can't wait for that to happen to me in another month or so! Funcle Brett should take more pictures of my cousin so we can all see how much he/she and Aunt Kavia are growing!

Well, even though I can hear mommy's digestive track gurgling all the time and I hear her talk about how it's not working so well right now, mine is really starting to take off! All my digestive muscles are practicing for all the hard work of eating I have ahead of me. And my white blood cells are forming which will help me not get sick when I come out in the real world.

Well, I've got a lot more growing to get to, better go!

Love, your extra large Plum!

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