Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Week 19

Diary of Baby Turner (week 19),

I'm now the size of a mango! 6 inches long already! My bones are getting stronger, all my neurons are now connected between my brain and my muscles and my arms and legs are now in proportion....you know what this means? :) I can really kick, punch, twist and roll like a gymnast who's working on perfecting Tae Bo and soccer skills! I've really gotten it down, infact I'm finally kicking and punching hard enough that mommy and daddy are feeling me. FINALLY! It's been a really fun week, showing off my moves to them.

And it actually really helps to twist and roll all around when you've got this slick, cheesy coating covering you're body. I guess it's protecting me from the water I'm swimming in so that when I come out I don't look like a raisin from being in water too long. But it's pretty cool!

This week was sure fun getting to see my Great-Grandma and Grandpa Fortney and Turner, Aunt Lauren, Uncle Blake, Aunt Carlin and cousin Reece!!!! I sure don't get to see the 8 of them very often, and so this week was full of fun family time. It was great to hear all their voices, if only I'd been able to show off my karate skills to all of them too, agh, maybe next time.

Well as you all probably know, this Friday is the big day!!! The day when the doctor takes a sonogram picture of me and can make sure I'm growing healthy and normal and strong and can also find out if I'm a boy or girl! (if I let them :) ) . Mama and Daddy can't wait, the 3 of us have a fun date planned after the appointment to go celebrate and go out to eat and go look at all sorts of fun baby stuff for me to start planning! But you all will have to wait one more week to find out, the party is Saturday March 27th, and for those of you who can't make it, mommy and daddy will be sending out an email right after the party to let you know!!

Mommy's going to email out an invitation for you all to put down your guesses for the baby pool (you know, to guess my gender, weight, height, day & time I'm born, name, etc)! And for those of you in the Buhrman family, you might get 2! One for me and one for my cousin Buhrman in Thailand! Just be on the look out for it!

Alright, gotta keep kickin and punchin! Talk to you soon!

Love, Your big mango!

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