Sunday, June 5, 2011

Vacation preparations!

Traveling with a baby is definitely much different than traveling just the two of us! I have my list of all the essential baby items that I cannot forget to pack. And tonight we will hope to master the art of packing it all into 2 suitcases and maybe 1 carryon! Oh Boy! :) I've done some checking and the hotel has a few laundry machines, so 1/2 way through our week we can do a load of laundry if we need to, that will help a ton!

So I've got my lists, I've made my last minute runs to Walmart and the bank, I still need to clean my house a little so that when we get home at midnight next week, we don't come home to mess! I've called the hotel to confirm our reservation as well as the car rental. Looks like we are good to go!

Now I've got to get to bed early tonight since the alarm is going off at 3am, but something tells me I'll have a little too much to get done to get to bed early. Oh well, too much excitement the day before our vacation anyway! :)

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