Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Maine - Travel and Day 1

Whew! We made it!

Alarm clock went off at 3:00am

Took off at 6:00am, connected in Chicago and made it to Portland Airport in Maine by 11:00am Kansas time, 12:00pm Maine time...that beats driving any day!

All in all, the flights were great. Started off rough at security check in Wichita where our stroller was "flagged" and therefore they had to search through ALL, of our carry ons. Yes, that diaper bag I had so strategically jam packed full of items was now tossed into one of those plastic bins. And me, the germ-o-phob mom I've become, was cringing at the spoons, sippy cup, toys and pacifiers now crawling with germs from the bottoms of the previous stranger's dirty shoes! After that annoyance, things were great! We LOVED having the stroller to push Ty around in at the Chicago airport, we had to do a lot of walking to find out next gate and so that was perfect. He loved the airports with all the people and on the 2 flights (each about 2 hours long) he did great! He feel asleep for about 1 1/2 hours of each of them, making our job a piece of cake!

I still think about my brother Brett and his wife Kavia flying with their 11 month old daughter to the US from Thailand. Wow, I can't IMAGINE Ty on a plane for longer than 2 hours! I pray their flight went well! We flew into Chicago and it was so fun to fly over the city and imagine that Brett and his family would be calling this place HOME in just about 24 more hours. Lake Michigan looked amazing! I can't wait to come visit them!!! :)

After flying into Portland, we were amazed at how perfect the weather was. 70 degrees and sunny. Ah. So nice. We got our Nissan Altima rental car and that's sure been fun to drive around, it's black and really expensive looking!! lol. We drove about 20 min to our hotel and got checked in. And for the price, this hotel is awesome! Very clean, great breakfast, cookies at 4pm, 24 hour coffee/tea/hot chocolate, workout room, outdoor swimming pool (which we hope gets warm enough to try!), all for an average of $82 per night. I think that's a great deal! Thank you Expedia!!!

Ty laid down for a nap and so we laid down too for about 45 min. and then we headed out to check out some scenery nearby. See some of my pictures:

Then we drove through one of the towns we want to spend some time in, Kennebunkport, and planned to get supper. We started by having dinner at Alisson's Restaurant. We shared some fresh Lobster Bisque...YUM, and Josh got the famous Lobster Roll, while I got pan-seared Sea Scallops. Oh and Ty got baby food, sweet potatoes! :) Delicious 1st meal in Maine for sure.

We then spent the evening walking through part of this town, admiring the scenery and buildings, excited to come back during the day when all the stores are open!

These are the street signs they use in Kennebunkport, I LOVE them!!

Can't wait to eat here, we've read online and seen on TV this restaurant and it's gotten amazing reviews, especially on it's Lobster Roll!

Then we couldn't resist a cute restaurant called Mabel's for a piece of pie! I got blueberry and Josh got raspberry, both so yummy!!! I think we want to go back for dinner sometime, you can order a Lobster whole and crack it open yourself! Something we really want to do before we go home. :)

Ty had a hard time getting to sleep that first night, and doesn't help that we were exhausted from our day of traveling, waking up early and sight seeing. We are hoping that we can get a little more of a schedule now that we are here and not waking up at 3am! :) He still has a little cold, but it's better than it was last weekend, so we are thankful for that.

More updates to come!.....


  1. It looks like u guys are having a great time! Can't wait to see tomorrows post! You have my mouth watering for lobster :)

  2. GREAT..... GREAT..... Enjoyed the Photo's and the "Tails Of The Trip"..... Sorry all your carefully packed stuff was all dumped at the Wichita Airport..... Sure am hungry for some "Maine Lobster"..... Love You/Gramma

  3. The pictures are beautiful! Looks like you picked a great place to vacation!

  4. Amazingly beautiful. Thanks for taking us on your fun journey. The picts are gorgeous.