Monday, June 13, 2011

Vacation in Maine - Day 7

Another cool, overcast day, but no rain!! So we set out to do all the things we had left on our list to do, since it's our last day today. :(

Lunch at The Clam Shack, and ate their famous lobster rolls! Ty got carrots, with cheerios for dessert. :)

Then back to Nubble Lighthouse, this time we remembered our camera! And got lots of fun pictures. See below.

Then we had to get some yummy ice cream at a shop there near the lighthouse. It started to get a little chilly so we ate in the car and you will see Ty LOVED his car seat this week. Well, I should say, he loved standing it in and crawling up it, and did NOT love getting strapped in once he realized he could stand and face the front! See the view from the outdoor restaurant...

After that, more sight-seeing!

Oh and a few pictures from our swimming we did yesterday evening, the heated pool was delightful!

Do we really have to leave tomorrow? :(


  1. I have thought of you SO many times mom, you would LOVE it here!!!