Sunday, June 12, 2011

Vacation in Maine - Day 6

Today is Sunday and last night we spent some time searching the internet to find a church to go to this morning that shares our vision for church so that we can participate in worship and also hopefully take away some ideas for our own church! We found a church called The Rock Church and gave it a try.

We found out that the man who started The Rock Churches has a goal of putting a church in every county in Maine, and this particular location has 2 services and is getting ready to move into their bigger location in July. The worship was very spirit lead and we thoroughly enjoyed the music and participating in the corporate worship with others in the congregation. We found it very easy to enter into the presence of God and loved how outreach focused the entire worship service was. We were greeted at the door by several people as well as many more approaching us after we were in the sanctuary. The message was extremely applicable, very bible focused and we got so much out of it.

During the service I had to take Ty into the "Cry Room" off the back of the sanctuary. It was there I got to snap a shot through the window during the prayer so you could see the inside of the sanctuary during a prayer. :) So sneaky!!

As a side note: I never realized until Ty was born how nice "Cry Room's" or "Nursing Mother's Room" are in churches! They provide a room that is quiet and private for mom's to nurse, change diapers, or rock their baby, while still watching the service on a tv, or through a window or listen to it over a sound system. This Nursing room was great, it had 2 rockers, pack and play, bouncer, a few toys and a changing table. And their changing table just proves how much they are thinking of had a basket with several diapers of a variety of sizes, another basket with breast pads, ziploc bags, wipes and disinfecting wipes. I loved it! I was able to go in there with Ty and give him a place to crawl around, change his diaper and feed him and not feel like I had to take him to a nursery with people I didn't know and I didn't have to miss out of the service! I never even thought of things like this 10 months ago! Speaking of....Today Ty is 10 months old, time is flying by. He is doing all sorts of fun tricks this week, he's now waving all the time, pointing, and even took a couple steps for daddy! :)

After lunch we headed to do some shopping, because the rain was still coming down....yup 2 days in a row. :( We saw a Christmas Tree store and so of course I couldn't pass it up!!!

Only, it was a HUGE disappointment, no Christmas trees, no santa claus, no jingle bells, no ornaments, no lights, nothing.

Then, ah but then, on our way out, we found a Christmas tree! :) Or so I like to say we did....

On the way out I double checked the signs on the building, yup, that's the word "Christmas" and the color red and a sleigh, hmmm.

Of course we had to make a stop at Cabelas for Josh!

Sure am hoping the rain lets up tomorrow so we can do the last things we wanted to do before we have to leave!

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  1. Glad you found the church you did! The weather map looks rainy for the northeast tomorrow. Here it's to be 102! Hope it clears off for you! Oh, what a cute Christmas Palm Tree! HA! :)