Friday, June 10, 2011

Vacation in Maine - Day 4

We drove to find some bike rental shops and didn't have luck finding them right away so we visited the Nubble Lighthouse in York, ME. It was beautiful! Only sad part....after we got there we went to get out the camera and guess what we had forgot at the hotel. :( So don't worry we will go back before we leave to get some pictures.

We got lunch there, fish and chips! It was a 1st for me and it was very yummy, everything was fried how could it not be yummy? :)

Then we headed to a National Research Reserve in Wells, ME where they had hiking trails. I was very excited about this! And we got there and started in on the trails, and the scenery was amazing! There were parts out in the open on hill tops, and others portions of the trail were in the beautiful trees. Nice grass trails as well as nice wooden bridges. About 30 min. in, this was definitely my favorite part of the trip so far! But then, the mosquitos started! And boy oh boy. We couldn't get out of there fast enough. Ty was in our baby bjorn taking a nap and I was trying to cover him with my jacket and still swat. Such a bummer! I'd love to go on those trails on a cold day!

Then we headed to Portland, ME for dinner at King of the Roll for some delicious sushi!!! Loved Portland, such an adorable city. It's a bigger city, but feels so much more quaint than Boston did. We might want to go back and spend more time there before we head home.

After our hike we found a bike rental place, so a bike ride is on the schedule for tomorrow!

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  1. Well ~ You all still look GREAT..... Sorry about the Mosquitoes..... I do not care for Sushi, but I could have Lobster..... Love the Pics..... Amy ~ your daily up-dates are wonderful..... THANKS..... Love You/Gramma