Tuesday, October 27, 2009

My Nephew Reece

I had a beyond fantastic weekend last weekend when Blake, Carlin and Reece came home! I love more than anything when my brothers and their families get to come home! We have the best time together.

Since that amazing day on May 13th, 2009, Reece came into the world and all our hearts got much bigger because we all had a lot of love to give that little guy! We were able to drive out and visit the new arrival a couple weeks after he was born and instantly when I saw him, the tears started flowing and my heart started melting. He was so very tiny, and just watching my brother hold him and talk to him and be a daddy to him was amazing to experience. To look at little Reece and see all his features, some similar to Blake and some similar to Carlin is an amazing miracle.

All pictures from our 1st visit in May!

The reality hit me that while God is still the one in control of Reece's life and He will ultimately be the one to give and take away life, he has entrusted Reece's life to Blake and Carlin, for however long that may be and it is overwhelmingly incredible to think of the significance of that. I can't begin to imagine the physical and emotional struggles that would come with being 1st time parents, but they handle it with such ease and are such a "natural" mommy and daddy. I can't wait to watch, not only Reece as he grows and grows, but also Blake and Carlin as they will continue to amaze me I'm sure, as they juggle parenting, work, home, family, friends, church with such simplicity and ease.

All pictures from the week of Brett and Kavia's wedding in June!

I've had the amazing pleasure getting to see Reece 4 different times since he's been born! And each time I'm blown away by the changes. I remember in May I could fit him on my lap, his head on my knees and his feet up against my tummy...I remember saying, "I will never forget this, how tiny he is" and I have to admit, sometimes now, seeing his long body and cute baby rolls now, makes it hard to recall!

Auntie Amy and Reece in May!

Auntie Amy and little Reecie-piecie in June!

Auntie Amy and Reecer man in July!

Auntie Amy and Reece in October!

His physical features continue to change, although one thing remains the same, still no hair! :) And the little hair he has is very blonde. It's adorable!

Little Reecer man has really completed our family (that is, until Buhrman Baby #2 comes along, I'm trying to talk them into it soon, don't worry!)---there's so much attention on that little guy, every move, yawn, stretch, roll over, tooth, is carefully inspected and studied by each person in our family and now we are trying to remember what we did before Reece ever came along!! There are still fun card games had after Reecer goes to bed, but one thing's for sure, there's nothing quite like cuddling up with that sweet, snuggly baby!

Tickle time with mommy!

Reece and Grandpa Buhrman having a boot-scootin' good time!

4 Generations!

Bath time!

So big already!!

One thing's for sure, Reece is one loved baby, and I can say (because this is my blog!) that his Auntie Amy loves him the most!! :)

I love you SOOO much Reece and can't wait to watch you grow up and can't wait to be a part of your life!

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