Thursday, October 15, 2009

Fall is here!

Ok, for fear of being ridiculed, let's take a step backwards. :)

With as quickly as the weather has turned cold, I feel like we might have skipped over Fall and moved directly into winter. But I have noticed, Fall isn't slipping by completely. Trees are changing all different colors and the leaves are falling to the ground. Josh's parents have a row of trees lining their driveway that turn a bright beautiful red color in the fall, and when I was there last weekend they had started turning red and were giving me a glimpse of what their breath-taking beauty would be like in just a short week or two more! I posted a few pictures below for you to see!

Meet Sable, she's the official greeter at the Turner household!

She kept wanting to take pictures, but I wouldn't let her, I know, I know, I'm so mean!

It's a beautiful drive in to their home with these trees paving the way!

We went to Staci and Layne's house for adult small group this week and Staci had the most delicious Apple Cider for everyone. It smelled and tasted like was wonderful!

Every Sunday afternoon my parent's home is completely full of friends that come over to enjoy lunch and support the losing Chiefs. Maybe they'll win the Super never know! We have a great time, and I love living closer so that I can enjoy with fun fall days with friends!

A week ago, the high school small group that I help co-lead was able to get together for a fun afternoon of pumpkin carving! We had a great time hanging out and getting to know each other!

Ah, the pumpkin carving and cider drinking with fun high school girls!

So you see, Fall is in the air, and I haven't completely bypassed it yet. :) I'm enjoy every change and blessing that comes with a new season and a new Holiday time approaching! Thanking God that He makes himself known through the traditions and blessings of this time of the year.

Enjoy the colors, raking, playing in the leaves, smells of Apple Cider, wood burning, smore-making, football watching, sweater-wearing and chilly weather! IT'S FALL, it's HOME!

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  1. I love the pictures of the leaves changing! They are beautiful. And the pumpkin carving sounds like a blast. I can't wait to hear your voice tomorrow! Love you.