Friday, October 2, 2009

What is it about Grandparents?

Let me know what you all think...

What is it about Grandparents that make you feel "home"?

For most people they only see grandparents during holidays, and holidays are always "home", so are we conditioned to associate holidays, home and grandparents together?

Is it the fact that we are their 2nd generation? It's amazing to see the physical similarities, the personalities? It sure has been fun to look at how similar Josh looks to his Grandpa Lee (Mildred's 1st husband). To look at those photos from so many years ago of them when they were our age just makes you wonder if they were just like you. You feel a deeper connection with them when you see that they were once your age, looked just like you and have the same, smile, laugh and sense of humor. Is that what makes them feel like "home"?

Is it that they cook really really yummy food? And way too much of it!

Is it because they obviously love you as if you were their own child? They have experienced life and are full of wisdom and understanding that you just feel smarter after being with them?

For me, I love hearing all about their life growing up, what their parents and grandparents were like, what their struggles might have been. Looking through their pictures is one of my favorite things to do. And when you get married, it's exciting because there's a whole other family tree to discover. Good and bad. It can bring you happiness as you discover and also concern. Like finding out that Grandma Mildred's father, brother (I believe), 1st and 2nd husband and son have all had heart attacks. What does that mean for Josh? Is it possible to change your destiny?

I know growing older isn't all fun. But I must admit, there sure is something peaceful sitting on this couch and looking out the window at the beautiful farming landscape, watching the wind blow and the sky threaten rain. I wonder if when they were my age, if they ever wished for life and stress and business to slow down be able to grow old with the person they love and enjoy the peace of a cool fall day.

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