Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A Baking Masterpiece

Jennea's spectacular cupcake!

I love to bake. Especially when I find a spectacular recipe and it becomes my "trademark". Everyone starts asking me for the recipe, requesting me to bring it to the next get-together, that's when it's so much fun, to know that you've created a masterpiece and others love it as well! I've been trying to pinpoint my masterpiece, my Mona Lisa, I'm not sure what it is! Debbie Jantz is cinnamon rolls, Josh's grandma is pie, my mom is Cream Puffs, Carlin is homemade pizza, Cathy is Christmas Braids and Jennea is cream-filled cupcakes!

It was this week that Jennea was gracious enough to drop off her delicious chocolate cupcakes filled with cream and dipped in a chocolate frosting. As Josh would say, "it's a party in the mouth!". I was talking with Jennea about how she is always perfecting her recipe. Trying new things to make it better and better each time. Just this week she was asked to make 130 of them for an event and luckily we got a few of the leftovers!!! How amazing that she has a masterpiece. She has a specialty dessert that has her name on it.

I need to create my own specialty. What will it be? I love desserts so much that I think it has to be some sort of sweet dessert. Maybe something with chocolate. Maybe some sort of bread. Maybe caramel frosting. We'll see....if anyone has any great ideas let me know! I will be thinking and searching, and let you know what I come up with!


  1. Shouldn't it be Fruit Pizza or Monkey Bread?

  2. Did you see the recipe I emailed you yesterday? I hadn't seen this post on your blog, but we were on the same wave length. We're spending too much time together-LOL!!!

  3. Your post reminded me of the movie Julie and Julia. You would LOVE it. Its all cooking!

  4. Debbie Jantz has a German Chocolate Cheesecake recipe (baked in a 9x13 pan) that is to die for. I always request it for our get-togethers. It would make a great signature cake, and if her sig is cinnamon rolls, maybe she'd let you have the cheesecake. ;) I love your blog, Amy!

  5. Amy way to get the recipe for this cupcake?Looks fab and i need a dessert for new years?????:):):)