Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Coffee is "Home"

Who is the first person to ever try coffee?
Why did they keep drinking it after the first sip?

Coffee is most definitely an acquired taste. It wasn't until 4 years ago that I started attempting to acquire the taste. I was dating a guy whose parents LOVED the bitter, black liquid tar. :) I was bound and determined to like it, it seemed like such a mature thing to do, drink coffee with pie for dessert and so peaceful to get up in the mornings and drink a cup of coffee. At first I would drink it with lots of cream and sugar to sweeten it up (despite what Dennis would say! :) ). And then I was able to try all sorts of different coffee drinks at Starbucks, ones with all sorts of sweet stuff in it!

Some of my first memories of coffee, is when I was at the Turner's house in the mornings and could enjoy the morning with them, looking out the windows of their beautiful home at the view of the wooded area surrounding their secluded home. I love remembering the mornings when I would sit out on the front porch drinking a cup of coffee with Cathy, wrapped up in blankets, chatting, waiting for the day to warm up, the dew to dry up off the grass, their dog Sable-searching for someone to pet her, and our day to begin. :) Or in the evenings after a delicious meal (Cathy's an amazing cook!) we would always have a yummy piece of pie for dessert. Secretly in the beginning, the coffee wasn't my first choice, but something about coffee at the Turner's with a piece of pie, just made it all feel warmer and cozier.

Now I'm to a point where I really enjoy drinking coffee and have made some special memories with my mom, grandma, husband, brother and sister-in-law, and friends, when I've sat with each of them chatting around a cup of coffee. I think that it's very possible that coffee opens up people's hearts.

This morning, I stopped by Lincoln Perk on my way to work and got a coffee and added a little cream and sugar to it, and you know what I felt when I drank it? Warm and fuzzy. It takes me back "home" to the Turner's household where coffee is "home".


  1. Thanks to you and Josh for introducing me to good coffee. :) Lincoln Perk is one of my top three places in Hesston!

  2. Coffee is a staple in our home! I have such fond memories that are attached to coffee. I remember when I played hookie from work and we watched Ellen and drank coffee! Miss you friend!

  3. I always get my weekend on-the-go coffee from Lincoln Perk... Love their earthen coffee, and the fact that they support local artisans and artist.