Sunday, November 1, 2009

Chocolate Truffles with Sea Salt

Ok, so as you all know, I'm still in search of my specialty food! The Pioneer Woman has an awesome blog that I love following and recently she had a recipe for Chocolate Truffles with Sea of my favorites! So I had to try it out! Maybe, just maybe, this could be my specialty.

It's starts of with 8 or 9 oz. of semisweet and 8 or 9 oz of bittersweet chocolate, placed in a double broiler, or just a glass bowl in a pot. :)

I melted all the chocolate.

Added the sweetened condensed milk.

Stirred until it was similar to a marshmellow consistancy.

Added the vanilla.

Mixed well, covered and put it in the fridge for 2 hours (although I think next time I will leave it in the fridge longer, it wasn't quite stiff enough).

Rolled it into small balls, put on cookie sheet and put in the freezer to set well before dipping in chocolate.

Melted chocolate and dip truffle balls into chocolate.

Placed on wire cooling rack and immediately sprinkled sea salt on top. I couldn't find a bottle of sea salt to sprinkle with, so I had to grind it up and then sprinkle.
I thought they were a success! Very delicious...extremely rich, but if you love chocolate, you will love these! Next time I will try to figure out a way to make them all perfectly round (I think if it had been chilled longer, it would have been easier). And I will try to find grains of sea salt, so I don't have to grind it up.
Maybe, just maybe, this is my new signature food! If anyone wants to try one and give me their opinion, just let me know, and I will deliver it to you!


  1. Do you deliver to Oklahoma??? Surely that's not too far to drive! :)

  2. The truffles are perfectly delicious! :) Your yummiest blog yet! :)

  3. You deliver!! Holy cow! That would be awesome. Kidding, but boy do they look GREAT! I never thought of the sea salt-and-chocolate combination, but I bet it's YUMMY. I mean have you ever dipped a French fry in your chocolate milkshake!? :)

  4. I need to make these a few days in advance. Do I store at room temp? Will they get gooey? They look so yummy and I want to make them for a baby shower. Karen

  5. Karen,
    You know I've never had to make in advance. These definitely stayed good for a couple days no problem. Although if you need to make them 3-5 days before, I might freeze the balls and then the day before or day of take them out of the freezer and then dip in melted chocolate. The more frozen the balls are, the faster the melted chocolate will dry on them, so you'll have to sprinkle with salt quickly, or let them thaw out some before dipping.

    These will be great for a baby shower! Enjoy!

  6. Just wonderful! That's the recipe I'm looking for:) Thank you and greetings from Poland!

  7. I just tried to make these and I refrigerated my chocolate for about 4 hours and then tried to coat them, they wouldnt even make balls, the chocolate was so gooey, and then I froze them for a few hours and tried again, the minute I make them into a ball and put them down they melt before I even dip them! Help any suggestions!! I finally dipped a few and they look like blobs but are delicious!