Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Week 28 & 29

Diary of Baby Turner (weeks 28 &29):

What a fun week it has been for me and mom and dad! We got to go on a vacation to Kansas City for a couple days last weekend and we watched the Royals beat the CO Rockies....I cheered loud Uncle Blake, aren't you happy? We also went to the zoo and they told me all about all the cool and funny looking animals they saw, I can't wait to go back and see them myself! But it was a blast having our 1st family vacation, I can't wait for all the fun vacations that mom and dad were talking about taking me on! Oh and when we got back from KC, I had a crib waiting for me that Great-Grandma Ginalee got for me! So daddy's been working on getting that put together, he's got the sides together and just needs to make room in my nursery to put the rest of it together. It's an awesome bed though, I can't wait to sleep in it!!

Not only did I get to do lots of fun things this week, but I also have been really growing in here! Mama keeps talking about how big I'm getting and how I'm weighing so much more now--already 3 pounds! It must be all this baby fat that I'm getting! And, as always I still sleep quite a bit during the day, but just lately, I've started dreaming! And I've really been working on my sucking, coughing, breathing and blinking skills as well! I'll be all practiced up and ready to go once August comes! I sure don't want to come before then, I want to make sure I'm completely developed, but if for some reason I should come early, I am far enough along now, that with the doctor's help, I should still be ok! Isn't that exciting? I'm almost all done! I've been moving around a lot more and will stick my knees and elbows up into my mama's tummy. Mom and Dad love it when I do that, they poke around at me all the time! I hope the poking stops after I come out in August. :)

I've only got 11 more weeks to get practiced up on more skills and to develop more and my lungs need to get stronger, so I'd better get back to it! Can't wait to see you this weekend Uncle Blake, Aunt Carlin and Cousin Reece! You are going to LOVE the presents that we got you man! :)

Love, Little Man Turner

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