Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Week 26

Diary of Baby Turner (week 26):

Amazing! My eyes opened this week....not much to see in here, but it's still so cool! Can't wait for all I'm going to see in 14 more weeks! And it's been so fun to listen to mommy and daddy's voices. At night daddy will get real close to me and talk to me, I try to let them know how much I like hearing him by kicking and punching so they can feel me! That's how I can talk back, at least for now. OH and they told me this week that they finally decided how to decorate my nursery. I guess they found some bedding that's blue and has elephants on it...hmmm, it better be cool! :)

And last night me, my mama and daddy were at Worship Team practice, we've got an awesome Concert of Prayer tonight to kick off the National Day of Prayer and we had a long practice with the worship team last night. It was so fun, I decided I love all that music, especially the drums! Maybe I'll have rhythm like my daddy! Can't wait for tonight, I'll be worshipping the Lord from in least God will see it and hear me! :)

Well, I'd better get to moving all around!

Love, your little drummer boy

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