Sunday, May 16, 2010

week 27

Diary of Baby Turner (week 27):

This week my mama and daddy took me to my 1st movie in the theater, it was so loud, but I loved it. I think I'm gonna be a movie lover like my daddy. All the loud noises kept startling me, I was moving all around the whole time, but I think mommy liked that. :)

I had a doctor appt this week with my mama too. It went well, the Dr. listened to my heartbeat and measured me and everything looks normal. My heartbeat is now 140 beat per min. Mama had to drink this super sugery orange drink that tasted like orange pop (only much much sweeter). She had to drink it in 5 min. when we first got there and then wait an hour and they did blood tests. Hopefully those come back normal and she doesn't have gestational diabetes. Next appt. is 3 weeks away and after that they move to 2 weeks apart! That means we are getting really close to my birthday!!! Do you have my birthday present yet Grandpa Ron?

Speaking of birthdays...cousin Reece turned 1 year old this week!!! I can't wait to come celebrate with him over Memorial weekend! It's so great having such an older and wiser cousin to learn from. :)

Mom and Dad have been working hard this weekend on trying to get my nursery room all cleaned out and ready to put all my clothes and furniture in! It's been a fun weekend! And next weekend, I can hardly wait....the 3 of us are heading to Kansas City for a Royals game and to just hang out and together as a family! Don't worry Uncle Blake, I know they are playing the CO Rockies and I will cheer loud so that we beat 'em!! GO ROYALS!

It's sure been fun changing positions and sticking parts of my body up into my mommy's tummy so she can feel it....she and daddy sure like poking me, trying to feel me! And all these noises I'm hearing so clearly now...especially my mama and daddy's voices, it's been so fun listening to them! Oh and it was so fun last weekend, getting to celebrate mother's day with my mama! I went garage saling with my mom and both grandma's...they found some great stuff for me! Then I got to see my Great Grandma and Grandpa Buhrman and Great Grandma GinaLee too! It was a great mother's day! Daddy helped me out and got mama a Royals jersey for Mother's day to wear to the big game on Friday!

Well, better let mama get to bed, so I can move all around!

Love, your 2 pound little man!

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