Thursday, June 3, 2010

Week 30

Diary of Baby Turner (week 30!):

First of all, I can tell you, I'm going to LOVE coming out there in the world, just so I can have birthday parties like cousin Reece! We celebrated his 1st birthday this week and had so much fun! He got some awesome presents that I can't wait to play with when we are together and not to mention the cake and ice cream he ate....mama and I got some too and it was yummy! Reece is going to be such a cool cousin, can't wait to start playing with him!

If you could see me inside here, you would see that all this fuzzy hair I had all over my body is disappearing, but don't worry, I'm still my daddy's boy, and I still have plenty of it left! Maybe I'll even have a comb over when I'm born! This week, my brain's been working overtime, and I'm getting smarter and smarter as the days go by. Watch out Grandpa Ron, I might be smarter than you pretty soon!

I'm growing away in here and getting bigger, mama's feeling my movements and kicks even more now. Only 10 more weeks till I get to meet the rest of you! And I can't wait, my other cousin, Micaela, only has about 4 more weeks left to grow inside Aunt Kavia. Can't wait to see her!!!

Love you family.

Big Boy Turner

Reece after eating his cake and ice cream...yum! Happy birthday Reece!

Here's a good picture of me! See how big I'm getting!

This is Reece's basketball goal from Grandma and fun!

Daddy is showing cousin Reece the birthday present we got him!

Uncle Blake showing Reece how he can play with it in another year! :)

Reece in the new hat and shirt we got him to play in the sprinkler with!

Story time with mama and Reece

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