Thursday, June 10, 2010

Week 31

Diary of Baby Turner (week 31):

I don't know if you've seen my mama lately, but I'm getting SO big! I'm over 3 pounds now! This week my brain has really been working hard, making all sorts of connections! And all my senses are working now too! I can do everything but smell right now, can't wait to start smelling soon! Only 9 more weeks...can you believe how soon my birthday is coming?

Now that I'm getting bigger, mama can really feel every roll and movement I make in here. I can't wait to show mama and daddy all the fun faces I can make and how well I can swallow and breathe. I'm getting all sorts of practice in here before my big debut.

This last weekend I had a baby shower, it was so much fun! All these people came just for me, and they all brought presents for me. I got some pretty awesome stuff! Mom and dad spent the weekend cleaning up my room and now it's starting to look like a room! They keep telling me to wait though, and not come yet, they say their not ready yet, so I guess I'll stay in here a little while longer. They still don't even know what they are going to name me yet! Someone please help them!

Can't wait for my cousin Micaela to be born...should be only about 3-4 more weeks! And I have another fun weekend in store with cousin Reece, this weekend, can't wait to hang out with him!

Love you all,
Baby Turner

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