Friday, April 8, 2011

Lemon Chicken

This recipe is originally from Glamour Magazine and is called "Engagement Chicken"..... the reason being, it's SO SUPER EASY but is sure to impress any man, once your boyfriend tastes this, he will never want to let you go, it's possible he might just get down on his knee and propose to you on the spot! :)

And for those of you ladies who have already roped that man of yours in, he will STILL be impressed and just might start bragging to everyone about what an amazing cook you are! Or perhaps feel the sudden urge to propose again! You never know. :)

"Lemon Chicken" (aka: Engagement Chicken):

First begin by wrangling up your kiddos so you don't have to make any mad dashes to the other room and rescue your child with raw chicken bacteria all over your hands!

Get the 4-5lb Chicken out the fridge

Now comes my least favorite part...touching the raw chicken! Anytime I touch raw meat I think of the lysol commercials with the bacteria crawling all around the kitchen counter and their hands! YUCK!
Then get the giblets out of the chicken, I was worried I wouldn't know how to do this, but I just flipped the chicken over and they pretty much feel out! Not bad!

Run cold water on the outside and inside of the chicken and let stand in the sink so it can drain out for 2 minutes.

Get the roasting pan ready to go, lining the bottom with foil for easy clean up! (*note my modern day recipe book...laptop!)

Ty is still playing away thank goodness!

Place chicken breast down (legs should be pointing down).

Pat Chicken dry with a paper towel.

Mom are you done yet?

Get out bag of lemons and set 3 aside.

Roll the remaining lemons to get juices flowing.

Pour fresh lemon juice all over inside and outside of chicken.

Got a little fussy, moved to the highchair. Change of scenery helps. :)

Spread salt and fresh cracked pepper all over the outside and inside of the chicken.
Poke 2 lemons 3 times each with a fork and stuff inside the chicken.

Put chicken in the oven preheated to 400 degrees, and turned down to 350 once you put the chicken in. Let bake 15 min. Then take out and flip chicken breast side up (legs pointing up). Cook 1 hr 15 min. longer (or until done- meat thermometer says about 180).

Let set 10 min. before cutting! YUMMO! Cut last lemon and squeeze on your chicken slices before you eat it!

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  1. I made this for supper tonight! Thanks for sharing the recipe! You definitely need to do more blogs like this...and the pics of Ty made it fun and real! :)