Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Homemade Fall Decorations

Nothing makes your HOME much sweeter than decorations for each of the seasons. I found one fall home decoration idea in a Martha Stewart Living magazine and just had to try it! It's perfect for any fall "event" you might be having, but not perfect for lasting 2 months through the fall season. This decoration is only good for about 4 days and then it goes bad. This weekend we had a special dinner at our house on Saturday evening in honor of Ty's Child dedication at church and so this was perfect for our one evening of entertaining. It gave me something small, but special to have set out to welcome our parents into our HOME and help it feel like fall and also help them feel special that we took the time to welcome them by making a decoration.

Here's how I did it:

I went to Dillons and purchased 7 perfect "fall colored" pears. They were $7.39, so about $1 a piece, not bad. Also I was worried when I bought them because they were very firm, I was afraid that would make this little project difficult, but it didn't at all. Infact, I wonder if that made them last longer because they were more firm. I will probably look for the firm ones next time.

Next, I wrote with a sharpie marker on the pears the word I wanted to spell. Which in this case happens to be "WELCOME". I wanted my guests to know that I did something specifically for them, to make them feel special, warm, loved and welcomed...hopefully they felt at HOME. You could also spell "FALL" or someones name or "HALLOWEEN", or whatever the reason for your celebration.

Then I used the cloves I bought at Dillons. For those of you super domestic women, you won't have to worry about this expense, but I did not seem to have any cloves on hand in my kitchen. They cost $6.99, with $2 off with a Dillons plus card. Bringing the total cost of my project to $12.38 + tax. Not bad, and then you can use the cloves for all sorts of holiday cooking and hot beverages (such as apple cider for your guests as they arrive!).

Then take the cloves and push them into the pears over the sharpie markings. This actually hurt my thumbs more than I thought it would, the cloves are a little sharp. I was ok with only 7 letters, but next time might consider some gloves just to make the process faster and painless. :)

Then display your beautiful fall decorations anywhere you desire! I chose right on my kitchen island where I was going to have the appetizers for my guests to see as soon as they arrived. But a fireplace mantel would also be perfect or maybe a guest bedroom where your houseguests might be sleeping for the weekend!

Hope you enjoy this little fall decoration idea to make your HOME even sweeter and welcoming and inviting this fall/holiday season!

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  1. I've always just LOVED pears and my hubby and kids make fun of me for having a plain ol' pear (or two) sitting around for decoration. So you KNOW I love this idea! Great price, too! My friend just told me she spray lacquered her pumpkins, so maybe that would work with pears too, to make them last longer?? Anyway, they are beautiful!