Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Weaning, rethought...

Well, as some of you might have read my weaning post about 5 months ago, I'd like to follow up with that post. As a mom there's many things I'm learning as I go, and breastfeeding is DEFINITELY one of those things! One of the hardest and coolest parts about being a mom! My goal was to make it to 12 months breastfeeding my little boy, and when 12 months got here, I didn't know what to do! He was still breastfeeding. Now what? I had things I wanted to go do (which required overnight stays away from my little boy who was still nursing at night). I might miss some things during that time because I need to be accessible to my baby, but in the big picture, it's a year or 2, and in my whole life it's not that long.

After slowing down the weaning process (which was quite tramatic for us both to start so cold turkey!), I decided to try to let it happen more naturally. I'm really happy with that decision. I had to force the middle of the night weaning, but everything else was very natural.

Looking back, I'm happy I was able to give Ty those nutrients for a year and a 1/2. And I'm glad I didn't rush the process, if Ty is the only child God blesses us with, I'm able to look back with no regrets at how long I nursed him.

My advice, don't listen to when society, friends and family say you should wean, listen to your baby and God. I might not nurse all my kids this long, but I believe this was what Ty needed and I'm glad I could do that for him. Super special bond and memories for me that will never be taken away!

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  1. I love that saying of its only a year or two and in in your whole life its not that long. That really helps me put things in perspective! Its so true! Glad u guys did it your way. Mommas know best!